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For years, neutrals have been the go-to color in interior design, giving rise to words like greige—that omnipresent tone that falls halfway between grey and beige. However, color has returned.

Colors that pop, patterns that are strong, and textures that are dramatic are all making a comeback. Fabrics have a magical way of inspiring how you design a space. The use of color and pattern. Style and balance. Beauty and comfort.

Seriously, it has made everyone extremely happy. 


Trends in Home Decor

Two top design experts present fresh fabric and color trends in this blog article, and explain how it all comes together to create a notable new collection.

Color is Making a Comeback

Color has returned, thank god. Neutrals are taking a backseat, enabling more expressive hues to take center stage. “We've had years of neutrals and more muted spaces,” says Furniture Design Creative Director Anne Spilman, “and I believe people are thrilled for the vitality, for having various bursts of color, and for the numerous ways you can inject some individuality and pleasure into your home.”

Patterns Are Visually Appealing

Patterns may be both motivating and attractive. “When I'm creating a space, I usually start with a fabric that I'm drawn to. And the application of that pattern is influenced by the scale of that pattern. So, if you're working on a larger scale, you could put it on a curtain and use it as a jumping off point for your wall color. Then you can make smaller size patterns that go with bigger scales and use the same colors on your furniture frames,” Anne explained.


Personality and Ease of Use Are Essential

Patti Frye, Anne's collaborator and Furniture Fabric Creative Director, adds that there's a new emphasis on pattern size and textures.“We're thrilled to have such a diverse range of tiny and mid-scale designs to complement our larger-scale textiles. These support type designs come in a variety of colors and are essential for giving our clients the flexibility to create the perfect appearance for their home.” 

The places that successfully generate contrast and interest are the most fascinating. “Many of our fabrics have a handwoven charm to them,” Patti explains, “and it's this feeling of exquisite imperfection that gives them a casual yet professional look without seeming staged.”

“We want our consumers to exclaim, 'Wow, this is precisely what I was searching for!' when they walk into the store. We want them to know that they can personalize it to their liking and make it the perfect match for their house. Patti said, "We want people to feel that their individuality is represented in our fabric line and in our product."

You'll be amazed by this vibrant new fabric line from Bassett and want to add more style and comfort to your house after seeing it.

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