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One of the simplest methods to make a major design upgrade without having to change a lot is to add the correct colors to your home's color pallet. With a color palette that you may have established years ago, it's easy to get into the same decorating rut. It's also conceivable that your color scheme was not chosen in before and just happened. You may freshen up your décor without overthinking it or having to start from scratch by incorporating some of these key colors into your house.

Add Drama With Black Accents

You may include black elements into your color pallet regardless of your decorating style. From being deemed too contemporary for most design styles, black has become a popular neutral in even the most casual houses.

The gloss or finish you pick is the key to designing with black. Black may be utilized for cabinets, furniture, and even doors in a casual space. To get a relaxed look, go for a flat or matte paint finish. Black paint may be utilized as an accent wall or to create a dramatic dining room with the appropriate lighting. If you aren't quite ready to commit to black walls or cabinets just yet, search for beautiful furniture and décor items.


Aqua Could Be the Most Perfect Cool Paint Color Ever

Aqua is so hot right now that it has its own blog and Pinterest page dedicated to it. The beauty of this vibrant hue is that it comes in a variety of shades, including a cool aqua with a strong blue undertone and a warm aqua with more green. Aqua is a very versatile hue for your house. There's an aqua paint color out there for you if you're tired of light blue or sage green on your walls.

Personalize Your Color Palette With a Favorite Color

It's conceivable that your color scheme came together without much thought or forethought. A few spontaneous buys or exceptional bargains may rapidly shift the direction of your design scheme. If you have a color scheme at home that you like but not adore, it's time to switch things up.

Adding your favorite hue to a weary color pallet is the simplest way to freshen things up. If your closet is brimming with red clothes and accessories, but the rest of your house is devoid of red, something isn't quite right. Choose a color that makes you joyful, and then find simple ways to incorporate it into your design. The easiest and most obvious method to introduce a fresh color to your area is to add accessories.


Yes, Gray Really Is the New Beige

With so many gray paint color possibilities ranging from a cold blue-gray to a warm greige, you'll have no trouble finding one that matches your current décor. Gray has replaced beige and tan as one of the most popular neutral paint colors. 

Gray in all hues looks great in living rooms and dining rooms, but it's also a popular option for kitchens and bathrooms. The white kitchen trend is still going strong, but it's starting to branch out into more sophisticated color schemes. Gray is the newest trend in kitchen hues, which is unsurprising given the prevalence of stainless steel appliances.

Adding a gray island or a wall of cabinets to your kitchen can give it a unique look. Gray is a great hue for a bathroom, especially the vanity, and it's easy to DIY with paint for a quick makeover. You may still make a huge difference with paint if you aren't planning to get new kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Try Color in Unexpected Places

Perhaps refreshing your color pallet doesn't necessitate new hues, but rather a new perspective on color. Have you heard of it? The new accent wall is the ceiling. Ceilings are increasingly getting not just a fresh coat of paint, but also patterns and designs.

Preparation is the key to installing a stylish ceiling design in your home. More than simply a Saturday afternoon job, intricate designs like this stunning chevron design project from Benjamin Moore. Make sure you have the necessary equipment, paint, and assistance. If you're changing the color of your ceiling, sample it beforehand to make sure it's right, and consider matching it to an existing wall color but have it mixed several shades lighter. 

Color may also be added to the backs of bookshelves, glass-front cabinets, and DIY painting projects over the weekend. Your color scheme may be excellent right now, but it might use a bit more inspiration and help.


Make Sure You Have the Perfect Neutral

You may have a lot of neutral hues in your palette, or your palette may even be built on a neutral color. If your chosen colors don't appear to be working for you, you may be using the incorrect neutral color. The proper neutral hue will create a welcoming atmosphere in your house by being peaceful and relaxing.

Most of us are surprised to learn that choosing neutral colors is difficult. It's possible that the undertones of the neutral hue in your house are incorrect. If you think your neutral wall colors are the issue, experiment with different paint colors. Beige may be the ideal color for your home, but you'll need to pick the appropriate shade to tie everything together.

When sampling, keep in mind that the perfect beige might turn out to be more of a gray or greige.


A Bright Accent Color Can Supercharge Your Color Palette

It's possible that your home may benefit from a splash of bright color. A strong splash of color can add excitement and vitality to even the most meticulously planned color scheme. When it comes to designing your house, this is the key to attaining balance.

You might not be brave enough to lay down a fuchsia carpet, but you can use fuchsia, or any other bright hue, on throw cushions or a beautiful velvet ottoman. Even a tiny splash of bright color can perk up a drab space.

Copper and Bronze Fixtures Add Warmth and Color

Fixtures and lights in oil-rubbed bronze provide a pleasant neutral accent hue that may be combined with brushed metals throughout your house. Copper metal accents are popular because they have the same warmth as oil-rubbed bronze but are much more relaxed. 

Oil-rubbed bronze and copper look great with warm or cold paint colors and in a range of design styles, but they truly pop against greige and off-white. A Chandelier, or other spectacular bronze or copper light fixture, is a fantastic way to give a subtle color accent to your house.

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